I read yet again about Whites dying in ever greater numbers, this time because of drugs. While heroin from Mexico is partly to blame, the real problem is and always has been prescription painkillers, Oxycontin and the like.  The problems caused by these drugs are catastrophic.  Drug abuse destroys individuals, families, and whole communities.  But all this is known, and yet increasing.  What is to be done?

Ultimately, the decision to abuse drugs comes down to the individual.  Drug addicts tend to be profoundly selfish people.  I have seen people abandon families, lie, steal, and hurt people who love them in every conceivable way.  But the problem is bigger than individual moral failings.  Young White people grow up in two places- rotting small towns blessed with diversity, or soulless White-flight refugee suburbs.  They have no communities, their very identity is a source of shame, they are taught to despise themselves, their history, their religion, education, and each other.  Talk to a working class White kid.  Odds are you will meet someone, ignorant, materialistic, and wholly consumed by popular culture-as presented by television, movies, music, and the internet.  Their identity is literally sold to them, and they are being ripped off enormously.

Please reach out to one of these kids before he becomes the monster who pawns his grandmother’s jewelry, dragged off to jail in front of his crying children after screaming at his girlfriend all night.  Teach him to be a man, teach him to be a father, a provider, and husband.  Fight anyone who seeks to rob him of his livelihood or his heritage.  Such a person is your mutual mortal enemy.  Support leaders who will bring back jobs and keep the young from being undercut by foreigners.

  • Don’t sit around on social security complaining about lazy kids.  You are getting WAY more than you paid into it, and they will never see a dime.
  • Don’t feather your nest at their expense.  You’re the one tenured professor alongside sixteen adjuncts in your department?  You might as well call them serfs.  There is nothing noble about you, though.
  • Don’t watch people exercise on TV- throw the ball around yourself.  Nothing gives you confidence like feeling your own strength.  Avoid professional sports like the plague.  All they want is your money, and all you get in return is fatter and poorer.
  • Don’t tolerate drugs in your home or your community.  Call the police, send even your own son to jail.  Do whatever it takes to be free, personally and collectively, from that curse.
  • Read.  Find someone worthwhile to admire, and read what he read.  Learn to separate truth from falsehood, beauty from ugliness, gold from dross.
  • Most importantly, realize that your struggle is spiritual, that God loves you, and that Christ died for your sins.  There is no one so far gone as to be irredeemable.  In the pit of despair, realize that you (and I) are poor in spirit, and throw yourself at His feet.

Show kindness to those who suffer.  They’re weak like you and I are.  Kindness is what makes us human.  Stop the death of White kids.  No one else will.


Hasten the Day

When the Turk is driven from Constantinople, and the Basileus returns.

Seriously, is this the camel we’ve hitched to our wagon?  Do camels even pull wagons?  Our establishment thinks they do.  And before people start carping about “Muslim Obama ” (not until this this law gets changed) remember that half the Republican Party wants to join the Jihad against Russia.


And . . ?

the alt right is a neoreactionary effort comprised of right-wing agitators brought together by their opposition to immigration (in particular, Hispanic and Muslim immigration), animosity to Muslims, and general opposition to multiculturalism (they call it cultural Marxism). They hate political correctness, they like Donald Trump, and they love dubbing their enemies “cuckservatives.”

What’s not to love?