John Boehner, weeping head of congressional Republicans, is stepping down from his job, presumably either to develop a line of self-tanner that doesn’t streak when crying, or to enter beauty pageants so he’ll have an excuse to sob in front of an audience.  I hope his entire sad-sack cuck regime goes with him, but I doubt they will.  The rest of the leadership will probably come together with their consultants and bagmen and conclude that the new man needs to be even more sensitive and moderate, and that what went wrong last time was that Boehner was too white (well, orange really).

Too white is always the problem.  Schoolteachers are too white.  Special Forces are too white.  Too many white people in the woods.  Too many white people inventing things.  Anything that attracts disproportionate or even proportionate numbers of white people represents a problem, as it can only mean purposeful exclusion, which can only mean racism. White things must be deconstructed and diluted, since whiteness itself is the trouble, and going to the opera just perpetuates it.

The problem for the left, and for the cucks who accept their premises, is that all of this carping about whiteness just draws attention to white identity.  The only publicly acceptable way to be white is to acknowledge whiteness while repudiating it.  Cultural Marxism posits that “white privilege” is the greatest evil in the modern world, responsible for all inequalities.  But paradoxically, the more whites are singled out for censure, the more they have to think of themselves as white.  “Thinking of yourself as a generic American is evil, an aspect of privilege,” they say.  “You are white the same as anyone else is black or Hispanic.”  Well, fair enough, but this can’t but lead to white people thinking that they have interests distinct from those other groups, who tend to bloc vote for candidates who make naked appeals to racial solidarity.

And thus, the clustercuck.  Republican politicians drone on about diversity because they think the average white man in the streets hates himself the way they do (or pretend to).  He doesn’t, and the more the leaders he supports give way to the left on this and other issues, the less he feels they deserve his support.  And that is especially true when he sees them actively working against him and what he values.  Most notably, the emphasis on whiteness draws attention to the bipartisan effort to eradicate whiteness where it begins, white communities.  No one wants diversity.  When leftists say that they mean that they want to surround themselves with racial and sexual minorities who share their beliefs, which in their minds gives those beliefs validity.  Its natural to seek out people who share one’s culture and ethnicity, and neighborhoods so blessed have greater social harmony.  People with functioning communities have nothing to gain from diversity except the excitement of exotic forms of crime.  That last word is important; it is currently the only acceptable complaint about diversity.  But when the average white man hears from the politicians he has elected that diversity is strength and that the addition of thousands of foreigners to one’s town is a good thing because it was too white anyway, he will go elsewhere.

That used to mean physically, but there will soon be nowhere left to go.  Then will come the great turn to radical politics.  It may already be happening.  More and more working class whites are coming to believe that their government is hostile to them and their interests because it sees their whiteness as a problem to be solved.  The cuck politicians don’t know what to do.  Their need to pander to diversity loving donors and their natural cowardice means that they have no interest in doing anything about the conundrum in which they find themselves, and yet, facing lower voter turnouts and no enthusiasm for the latest cuck slate, they know they need to do something.  And thus they have gone into autopilot, holding forth on the same old twaddle about our beautiful multicultural mosaic.

For the record, I think that none of this will end well.  I think nationalism, racial or not, is a bad thing.  Strong opinions about politics lead to turmoil; life is best when people follow their faith and traditions and government leaves them alone.  I thus do not write as any kind of nationalist but as someone who has an opinion about current events that others might find useful.

I’m waiting for the Emperor to return to his throne in Constantinople; God speed the day.


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