The Next Civil Rights Movement

When gay marriage became the latest thing one can get fired for questioning, many people said that the next logical step would be polygamy.  After all, once you establish that anyone who loves anyone should be able to get married, it hardly makes sense to restrict that bond to a pair, despite doubtful assurances to the contrary  One can envision entire cities joined in matrimony to share one government employee’s dental plan.  But the conversation went right to transgender rights, where mentally ill men and women (though mostly men), decide that they were born in the wrong bodies, and thus should be able to harass others into a folie en masse.

From transgender rights, some have argued that the conversation will next shift to the normalization of pedophilia.  I am not the first the theorize this, and I think the idea might have some validity.  There are two trends that seem to point in that direction. The first is the older trend of sexualizing children at ever younger ages, usually to sell them things.  The other is the more recent emergence of the sexual outlaw, who unlike the Hefner of old, is not happy unless the public is screaming paeans to his/her/its courage in public.

This figure comes with a warband of leftist shock troops eager to help.  They lie, they excuse, and then they defend.  One can see this pattern clearly in the case of blogger Sarah Nyberg (srhbutts), which is what brought all this to mind. Nyberg spent years exulting in her physical desire for children, in particular a young relative, perhaps because pedophilia without incest had gotten boring.  These musings were recorded on chat logs, which Nyberg’s enemies found and released to Breitbart.  I can’t know what warped this individual to the point where he/she embraced appetites so foul as to still shock most of the people who would otherwise embrace her values (I assume), since very few people will publicly defend sexual attraction to children.  But all of those few seem to have come to Nyberg’s defense, and are busy trying to rationalize his/her words. Nyberg him/herself has claimed that he/she was only a teenager (of around 25) and that this was merely a series of jokes in bad taste, an assertion belied by the earnestness of many of the posts.

Transgender teen sues to be allowed to have surgery against his parents’ wishes–> Supreme Court rules in favor —> Children thus emancipated must of course be free to pursue their new identity for the good of their mental health —>  This principle extends to regular children, who must be similarly set free to pursue their sexuality —>  Who is to say that this free sexual being should be restricted from forming a relationship with an adult? —>  “Safe” relationships are invented, a cottage industry develops in academia describing the long and noble pedigree of adult/child dating (perhaps using a nice phrase like “intergenerational committed relationship”) with references to the ancient Greeks and our Afghan allies.  There are already activists prepared to say that not all such relationships are abusive.  And in ten years or so, a child actor is winning an Oscar for dramatizing a court case in which a teenage boy is torn from the arms of his soccer coach and made to feel the wrath of society’s five remaining Christians.

And the slide into paganism continues.


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