The Washington Generals

If you know anything about basketball, and I don’t, then you know the Harlem Globetrotters.  They are a group of performers who put on what is essentially a basketball show, with stunts, trick shots, and the like.  Here they are in action:

One of the Globetrotters’ regular opponents is the Washington Generals, seen above.  Since the games are basically a show, the Generals’ job is to lose in hilarious ways.  The games thus consist of both sides running up and down the court, as they would in a normal game, but with the understanding that the Generals are controlled opposition.  They are there to be the losers.  Since there is never any competition to begin with, the Generals are happy with this arrangement. After all, they don’t get cut from the team for losing; in fact, they probably earn more getting beaten by the Globetrotters than they would actually putting up a fight in a real league.

If the Generals changed their names to the Washington Cucks, the symbolism would be perfect.

Leo the Wise


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