The Dark Enlightenment and Neo-Reaction

My philosophical evolution followed the same course as many other neo-reactionaries, as far as I can tell from reading their stories.  I was a standard down-the-line Republican, voting for G.W. Bush twice, supporting foreign wars, believing that denying the people of the Middle East their freedom was wrong and that democracy would solve their problems.  I read the magazines, I watched Fox News, the whole list of standard conservative markers.

There were a few things along the way that gave me pause.  I think the first was reading the article “Unpatriotic Conservatives” in National Review.  David Frum abused an assortment of men, men who even then I respected, as traitors for not jumping on board with with the Iraq War.  I thought this was beyond the bounds of good taste, especially from a man who I believe remains a Canadian citizen.  But, to my later embarrassment, I went along with it, writing them off as turncoats to the movement.

I started to wonder at the sheer frequency of stories about Israel in the conservative press.  I am a supporter of Israel; I think their construction of a state around a shared national and cultural identity is something to be studied and emulated. But why is the “National” Review giving the rundown on the politics of another nation in virtually every issue?  Why could no one question this without being called an anti-semite?  It got boring after a while.  I started skipping those stories, then others.

Between them the conservative magazines would publish stories by militant atheist Trotskyites, abortion supporters, global warming alarmists, open borders enthusiasts, and most recently gay marriage activists.  But criticism of the war, Israel, and corporate influence were off limits.  In fact, many things were added to the verboten list: race and IQ, curtailing all immigration (not merely “undocumented”) the Civil Rights Movement, etc.

I started having to go to other websites to read the best writers, and this led to my discovery of the Alternative Right.  I had to go to Takimag to read John Derbyshire, Unz for Steve Sailer, Chronicles for Srdja Trifkovic, and SteynOnline for Mark Steyn (obviously this list is not exhaustive).  I know these men have many ideological differences and I don’t agree with everything any of them write, but they are forceful minds who have tremendous insight.  These publications led me to others.  I read RooshV even though I don’t think much of PUAs, Vox Day even though I don’t play video games, and Amren even though I find the White Nationalists a bit off-putting.  I watch and enjoy RamZPaul.  I also began reading some great Paleo-Conservatives- Paul Gottfried, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and others I previously mentioned.  I also discovered Mencius Moldbug and Radishmag,  All of this, coupled with my love of ancient and medieval history, my Orthodox Christian faith and its traditions, led me to the worldview I should have had all along, a world of thought I never knew existed.

If you are reading this and are in the position I was, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it bother you that every group can be proud of its religious, racial, and cultural identity but yours?
  • Do you get tired of the politicians you support abandoning their promises to fight for issues that are important to you?
  • Does it seem to you that today’s conservatives are yesterday’s leftists.
  • Do you wonder why you are ostracized for asking any of the above, and more?

Open your eyes, humble your heart, and swallow that red pill.

Leo the Wise


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