My Thoughts

I love history.  I have spent my life studying it.  And as I look around the world today I see the effects of a tragic series of events that compel me to speak out.

It’s hard to say how far back it goes, the crisis of confidence in the Western world. Hillaire Belloc would have taken it back to the Reformation and the shattering of Christendom.  Certainly there was the Thirty Years War that set in motion the steady removal of the spiritual dimension of politics.  The Enlightenment, brought to the world by partly by Calvinist Geneva (Rousseau) and and the Jansenists (Voltaire pere) did its part to undermine tradition as medieval and evil, and to encourage society’s brightest minds to dedicate their lives to destroying and reconstituting political systems according to their reasoned plans.  They were the elect, the intellectual vanguard, chosen not by a God they no longer believed in but by “history” and “progress,” gods that demanded no morality beyond service to the Revolution.  Thus followed war, empire, rebellion, and more war.  World War I, which Lothrop Stoddard accurately called the Modern Peloponnesian  War, and World War II sealed the fate of the West, with half of Europe condemned to live under a democidal dictatorship.  The dictatorship fell but its ideas won, not the failed economics but its moral vision:

  • Only that which furthers progress is good; everything in the way is bad.
  • There are no ethical absolutes, only the relationship between oppressor and oppressed, and everything the former does is bad, and the latter good, merely by virtue of who they are.  Who, whom?
  • Only the group is real, while the individual is a mere abstraction.  Every person is an epiphenomenon of an axis of race, class, and gender.
  • The revolution is a merciless god.

The modern West is ruled by this ideology.  Even if the leaders themselves don’t believe it in toto they generally accept its moral premises (the universities) or at least cower before its enforcers (the politicians).  Some (corporations) embrace it cynically, using it as a weapon to break down culture.  I believe that this ideology is toxic and that we have reached a point where there is simply no abiding it any longer.  I hope that by writing this blog I can do my part to fight back.

Leo the Wise


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